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Congratulations to Cosmo-Kid Mya for writing and illustrating her first book. We are also pleased to introduce publishing services for kids, books for kids, written by kids through TMM. If interested, send an email to us.


Fun 2015 New Year's Resolutions for Kids!

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Hi Cosmo-Kids, ready for a new year? Start some New Year’s resolutions. Write your list and hang it up. At the end of the year, celebrate the many goals you have reached.

Cosmo-Kid Mya's Suggestions!

Pursue a talent. For example, write a book, draw and sell an art piece, play an instrument.

Try something new. For example, become a swimmer, dancer or runner.

Design something new. For example, an app for kids.

Start a new project that helps others. For example, lend a helping hand to others who need assistance.

More Resolutions:

Clean and tidy-up room daily.

Join a new sport.

Try a new food.

Be active for at least an hour a day every day (riding bikes, jump roping, handball etc.). No cell phones or computers.

Participate in family night each week (play a voice or dance game on the wii or playstation, play a board game, make a craft project, participate in karaoke etc.) Just be silly!

Happy 2015!

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