Valentine's Day Crafts

Create these easy Valentine’s Day crafts for kids. Have fun and enjoy this Valentine’s Day by helping your child create these fun crafts.

Crafty Flowers. Create fun bouquet flower gifts out of tissue paper. Take a regular piece of paper and use as a template to cut out several pieces of colorful tissue paper. They should be in an 8x10 size. Now, place all the pieces on top of each other and fold in an accordion shape. Use a twist tie or a pipe cleaner to tie the center of the tissue paper. Next, form the petals of the flower by pulling together each piece of the accordion. This should form a flower.

Heart Decor. Use Valentine’s Day colored construction paper and cut out a dozen hearts. Make sure the parent uses the scissors if the child is not old enough or use child safe scissors. Be sure all of the hearts are the same size and shape. Take one of the hearts and spread glue on the top. Take the next heart, fold it in half and place it on top of the first heart with the glue. Fold another heart and place it next to the second heart that is on top of the first heart. Take a piece of long yarn and glue onto the center of the hearts. Repeat the steps until all of the hearts are used.

Valentine’s Day Wreath. Take several pieces of colorful construction paper (use Valentine’s Day colors) and cut about a dozen hearts. Glue the top corners of each heart together to form a circle.

Candy Butterfly. First, you'll need a red lollipop or red wrapped lollipop. Cut out two large identical hearts using red or pink construction paper, set aside. Cut out four small identical hearts using pink or white construction paper, set aside. Next, make butterfly wings by using tape or glue to connect the two large hearts at the bottom. Take the four small hearts and glue them on each corner of the hearts. Lastly, either tape the lollipop to the middle of the hearts to make the butterfly or cut two small slits in the middle of the hearts and slide the lollipop through. Now you have a yummy candy butterfly!