Fun 2020 New Year's Resolutions for Kids!

Start some New Year’s resolutions with your kids. Let them know they can reach their goals by establishing what it is that they want to accomplish. Start by writing a list. Hang it on the fridge and each time a goal is met put a star sticker by it. At the end of the year, celebrate the many goals they have reached.

Example Resolutions:

I will pick up my toys after I play with them.

I will clean my room daily.

I will join a sport.

I will try a new food.

I will memorize my parent’s phone number.

I will be active for at least an hour a day every day (riding bikes, jump roping, handball etc.).

I will participate in family night each week (play a board game, make a craft project, participate in karaoke etc.)

These are just a few examples of some New Year’s resolutions that your child can make. Send me an email with your ideas!

Happy 2020!