Fun 2020 New Year's Resolutions for Kids!

Start some New Year’s resolutions with your kids. Let them know they can reach their goals by establishing what it is that they want to accomplish. Start by writing a list. Hang it on the fridge and each time a goal is met put a star sticker by it. At the end of the year, celebrate the many goals they have reached.

Example Resolutions:

I will pick up my toys after I play with them.

I will clean my room daily.

I will join a sport.

I will try a new food.

I will memorize my parent’s phone number.

I will be active for at least an hour a day every day (riding bikes, jump roping, handball etc.).

I will participate in family night each week (play a board game, make a craft project, participate in karaoke etc.)

These are just a few examples of some New Year’s resolutions that your child can make. Send me an email with your ideas!

Happy 2020!


Last Minute Costume Ideas

Need some quick and easy ideas for Halloween costumes? Here are a few:


Here is a quick and easy costume suitable for both boys and girls.

Black foam paper
Yellow foam paper
Glitter glue
Batgirl/batman adult mask template (See below)
Batgirl/batman child adult template (See below)
Batman image (See below)

Black shirt
Black leggings for girls
Black skirt for girls or pants for boys
Black shoes
Yellow/Tan belt

1. Trace bat mask template onto black foam paper. Cut out. Make two whole punches on each side in the middle for the elastic string. Pull and tie elastic string through holes. Add silver or gold glitter glue to the outside edges of mask. Let dry

2. Trace batman logo onto yellow foam paper. Cut out. Remove sticker backing and place on black shirt.

3. Get dressed, put on mask and get ready for some Trick-or-Treating!



Female Witch

Black hat, black wig or black hairspray
Green and black face paint
Cape (optional)
Black and green clothing

Male Witch

Cotton for beard
Black face paint
Black clothing
Fake nose
White wig

1. Paint face with green paint (optional), add dark black circles around eyes. Add fake nose (optional).

2. Dress in black and/or green clothing.

3. Add hat, wig or hairspray. Add beard for male costume (pull bag of cotton, not cotton balls, apart to where it is long and will cover the bottom portion of your face. To make it stay, tuck sides of cotton behind your ears or under neath a hat.)

Get ready for some Trick-or-Treating!


Cowboy or Cowgirl

This costume was purchased at Wal-Mart, but with just a few items your child can transform into a little cowboy or cowgirl!

Cowboy hat
Plaid shirt
Skirt or jeans
Cowboy boots
Black face pen/paint

1. Get dressed, put on hat.

2. Add some dots on your face for some freckles.

3. Put on those boots and get ready for some walkin'. Yee-Haw!!

Have Fun and Happy Halloween!


Fun Facts for Labor Day

  • The last day of the hot dog season is Labor Day.

  • Labor Day is the third most popular day for grilling, right behind Memorial Day second and July 4th first.

  • There are an estimated 150 million workers in the United States; Over 7 million are employed as school teachers.

  • Workers protested poor working conditions and working 16 hour days, so the first Labor Day parade was started.

  • Labor Day is celebrated as International Worker's Day in many other countries.

Enjoy these fun facts, Happy Labor Day!


5 Facts for Kids for Memorial Day

1. Memorial Day is a day where we honor men and women who have served and lost their lives after the civil war.

2. Memorial Day is the last Monday in May.

3. Memorial Day became a Federal Holiday in 1971.

4. Memorial Day is the first day of Summer.

4. Memorial Day was first known as Decoration Day.


Valentine's Day Crafts

Create these easy Valentine’s Day crafts for kids. Have fun and enjoy this Valentine’s Day by helping your child create these fun crafts.

Crafty Flowers. Create fun bouquet flower gifts out of tissue paper. Take a regular piece of paper and use as a template to cut out several pieces of colorful tissue paper. They should be in an 8x10 size. Now, place all the pieces on top of each other and fold in an accordion shape. Use a twist tie or a pipe cleaner to tie the center of the tissue paper. Next, form the petals of the flower by pulling together each piece of the accordion. This should form a flower.

Heart Decor. Use Valentine’s Day colored construction paper and cut out a dozen hearts. Make sure the parent uses the scissors if the child is not old enough or use child safe scissors. Be sure all of the hearts are the same size and shape. Take one of the hearts and spread glue on the top. Take the next heart, fold it in half and place it on top of the first heart with the glue. Fold another heart and place it next to the second heart that is on top of the first heart. Take a piece of long yarn and glue onto the center of the hearts. Repeat the steps until all of the hearts are used.

Valentine’s Day Wreath. Take several pieces of colorful construction paper (use Valentine’s Day colors) and cut about a dozen hearts. Glue the top corners of each heart together to form a circle.

Candy Butterfly. First, you'll need a red lollipop or red wrapped lollipop. Cut out two large identical hearts using red or pink construction paper, set aside. Cut out four small identical hearts using pink or white construction paper, set aside. Next, make butterfly wings by using tape or glue to connect the two large hearts at the bottom. Take the four small hearts and glue them on each corner of the hearts. Lastly, either tape the lollipop to the middle of the hearts to make the butterfly or cut two small slits in the middle of the hearts and slide the lollipop through. Now you have a yummy candy butterfly!