Fun 2015 New Year's Resolutions for Kids!

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Hi Cosmo-Kids, ready for a new year? Start some New Year’s resolutions. Write your list and hang it up. At the end of the year, celebrate the many goals you have reached.

Cosmo-Kid Mya's Suggestions!

Pursue a talent. For example, write a book, draw and sell an art piece, play an instrument.

Try something new. For example, become a swimmer, dancer or runner.

Design something new. For example, an app for kids.

Start a new project that helps others. For example, lend a helping hand to others who need assistance.

More Resolutions:

Clean and tidy-up room daily.

Join a new sport.

Try a new food.

Be active for at least an hour a day every day (riding bikes, jump roping, handball etc.). No cell phones or computers.

Participate in family night each week (play a voice or dance game on the wii or playstation, play a board game, make a craft project, participate in karaoke etc.) Just be silly!

Happy 2015!

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