7 Days of Halloween Treats - Wednesday

Witchy Wednesday Pops

A Recipe from 7 Days of Halloween Treats, by Kimberly Hodgkins


8 large marshmallows
8 pop sticks
5oz. caramel apple chocolate baking chips
1 cup coconut flakes
Red and yellow food coloring
Green frosting
Black gel
8 thin Oreos
8 Hersey’s kisses

Step 1: Place parchment paper on cookie sheet.

Step 2: Insert each marshmallow on a stick. Melt baking chips in microwave safe bowl, approximately 1 minute.

Step 3:  Spoon mixture on each marshmallow. Place in freezer for 1 hour.

Step 4: Remove from freezer. Place coconut in bowl. Add 12 drops of yellow and 4 drops of red. Mix thoroughly to make orange coconut.

Step 5: Spread frosting on top and sides of each marshmallow. Add coconut to top and sides of each marshmallow to resemble hair.

Step 6: Using black gel, add eyes and smile to marshmallow. Place in freezer for 15 minutes.

Step 7: Remove from freezer, spread a layer of frosting on one side of Oreo. Next, add a dab of frosting on the other side of Oreo. Place Hersey’s Kiss on top of dap of frosting on Oreo. 

Step 8: Place frosted side of Oreo on top of Marshmallow. Place each witch pop in holder or cup. Enjoy your Witchy Wednesday Pop!

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